Many users who start using their 1st web hosting account, or switch companies, normally have queries concerning how particular operations are carried out or come across obstacles when setting up various things like e-mails, website settings, and so on. This is the reason why, some web hosts have compiled documentation with the most frequently asked questions and problems so as to help their customers receive information swiftly and seamlessly. Consequently, the client support team can concentrate on real issues that particular customers may be encountering, as the solution for the smaller things will be available on the World Wide Web and clients will be able to easily handle them without getting in touch with the client service staff. Having thorough documentation is pretty important, especially for new users without any previous experience at all, because the hosting service involves an enormous number of features and many people can become puzzled about what to do. A good information repository can both help you complete the things that you want and find out how the web hosting service functions in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Website Hosting

If you order a cloud website hosting account through our company, you’ll get access to our extensive online documentation where you will find information about pretty much everything related to our web hosting packages. The topics encompass anything from how to set up an e-mail account on your cellular phone, to how to do different things using an .htaccess config file. The articles themselves are written in a simple-to-grasp fashion and include step-by-step manuals on how to carry out a certain operation within your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can also find information that is not connected directly to Hepsia, for example one that concerns web apps on your personal computer. The full list of articles will be available in the Control Panel’s Help section, but the ones that are applicable to a given section can be accessed on the spot. Since we’ve encompassed as many topics as possible, you’ll be able to discover more or less everything connected with your web hosting account.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Help section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our semi-dedicated hosting plans, will allow you to access the exhaustive online documentation that we have prepared for you. The articles feature general info on our services, informational tutorials about the separate functions that you can make use of, along with troubleshooting instructions that can help you correct common problems that you might confront. The topics that we’ve included encompass practically everything, from easy things such as how to host a brand new domain name in your account, to more complex ones such as which SSH commands are allowed on the semi-dedicated servers. Relevant articles about the features of a given section of the Control Panel will always be available on the right side of the page that you are on, while the full article list is accessible through the all-encompassing Help section.